Ash and Snow
UDK Environment

A ten week collaboration between myself, Jake Lamoureux, Elise Valla, and Rian Burbridge. Story written by Keenan Eugenio and narrated by Jimmy Dunham.

The environment tells a story of a future time where Earth is near-uninhabitable due to a perpetual nuclear winter. Humans survive in orbiting space ships, however the crew of the Aristophanes has crash landed back on this frozen Earth. The resourceful crew attempts to survive in the church which they’ve crashed in…

Music used under license:
“World is Fading” by Cedric Vermue
“Tree of Life” by BeatCheat

Lead Environment Artist
My Responsibilities

-All architecture assets (modular)
-World building
-All surface materials, terrain layers, light functions, etc.
-Procedural environmental effects

Asset Renders

PBR renders of architecture assets. Hi-poly to low-poly baked normals, roughness/gloss map workflow. The architecture materials needed to reflect the age of the structure, as well as having been weathered for many generations without maintenance.

Below you can see the modular breakdown of the interior architecture assets as well as an early render.

Dynamic Snow Shader

My dynamic snow material allowed me to use the same architecture assets in the courtyard space and have complete control over snowfall amount, falloff, and masking parameters. Instancing the material allowed each asset to have unique parameters.