Portable Nintendo 64 Build

-Custom built, fully functional Nintendo 64 portable, embedded LCD screen, controller, batteries, and cooling.
-Huge thanks to (bacman) for helpimg me acquire parts, and moddedbybacteria forums for support

Photo Build Log

Cartridge slot reorientation

I used a cropped IDE cable to rewire the pins of the cartridge slot, which needed to be parallel (like a gameboy) to the board instead of perpendicular. This required finely soldering the connections on both ends of the cable. The IDE cable kept things organized and was able to bend with ease. Interference thankfully was no problem with the IDE insulation.

New heatsinks, custom battery powered setup

The smaller form factor required new cooling solutions. These mini heatsinks combined with an integrated fan (see below) kept the N64 cool. The N64 board has 2 voltage channels that require different voltages (12v and 3.3v). The batteries can power the screen and both bord voltages with a voltage regulator setup.

Finalize case and button installments

I created the cartridge slot using cut tupperware plastic. The case design used teeth to secure the connection between the front/back half. The buttons were mounted into the case front, and their connections exposed through the back of the plastic supports for easy wiring.

Button wiring, components layout and wiring

You can see the buttons +/- wires connected, and the screen mainboard is mounted with a plastic insulating layer on top. In the back, the batteries are glued in and wired.

N64 board installment and final wiring/packaging

The N64 board is placed into the back half, and the cartridge slot glued in. Another insulating layer is placed between the screen, controller board, and N64. The voltage regulator is insulated and everything is packaged up and glued-in.

Finished and working!