Environment Art
Visceral Games, San Francisco, CA

Below is some of my work that is featured in Battlefield: Hardline Premium. Many talented artists contribute to these environments, and it’s a pleasure to work alongside them. My responsibilities include modeling, texturing, UVs/LODs/raycast, Enlighten setup, world building, vista development, optimization/performance, and outsource oversight. All work is rendered real-time in the Frostbite engine.


Below is a slice of my work that is featured in Battlefield: Hardline Premium Expansion Pack 4. I took on a major role in owning multiple areas of the map Chinatown, as well as creating many architecture/building assets, props, set dressing, and vista.

Double Cross
Battlefield: Hardline – Premium Expansion Pack 3

A map located on the U.S.-Mexican border, Double Cross is one of the largest maps in Battlefield Hardline: Getaway. In Double Cross, I was given responsibility over the Mexico mission capture point, criminal spawn shanty town, and I completed the first pass design of the US farmstead capture point. My responsibilities included modeling, creating unique textures, LODs/collision/raycasts/Enlighten, world building, performance, and outsource management. Double Cross released on January 12th, 2016.

7th Precinct
Battlefield: Hardline – Premium Expansion Pack 2

Precinct 7 is Hardline’s first snow map, and the largest map in the Robbery expansion pack. The “down-but-not-out” Detroit setting will transport players to a scrappy neighborhood filled with homes, stores, warehouses, and (of course), the neighborhood police station. The station represents a hard lesson in good urban planning and fiscal responsibility; having recently been closed, it is a prime target for enterprising thieves.