Trey McNair
Sr. Environment Artist at Insomniac Games
Los Angeles, California

I’m a 3D artist with a passion for games, environment art, and virtual reality. I have a technical background, and experience with website and software design/development.

I’m currently working at Insomniac Games. My work includes 3D art, environment design, technical art, shaders, game development, and website and applications development. Outside of games, my professional experience includes 3 years of Website and Mobile Applications Development.

I studied Interactive Design and Game Development at SCAD. My focus is on 3D environment art, new forms of interactive media, and game development.


Sr. Environment Artist
Insomniac Games, Inc
(March 2016 – Present) | Burbank, California, US

Spider-Man PS4 (2018)
Spider-Man PS4: City That Never Sleeps DLC (2018)

Environment Artist
Visceral Games – EA
(June 2015 – February 2016) | Redwood Shores, California

Battlefield: Hardline Premium (2015) (PS4, Xbox One, PS3, XBox 360, PC)
Modeling, texturing, world building, and managing outsourcing for multiplayer DLC maps. Working with a team to take maps from designer blockout to finished artwork

Environment Artist (Intern)
Insomniac Games, Inc
(June 2014 – September 2014) | Burbank, California, US

Sunset Overdrive and Sunset Overdrive: Mystery of Mooil Rig DLC (2014) (Xbox One)
Modeling, texturing, world building, optimization, distant world design, and bug fixing.

Website Developer
Progressive Technology, Inc.
(July 2013 – April 2014 (10 months) | Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, US

Designed and developed websites, front-end & back-end website application development, graphic designs, and client case studies. I developed HTML/CSS, manipulated a variety of servers, and authored custom PHP/JS solutions daily.

Freelance Designer & Developer
(Nov 2009 – Present)

Working with companies and individuals to deliver web solutions, marketing graphics, technology consulting, and various graphic design services. Periodically take commissions over the internet, communicating with clients and delivering products around the world.

Website and Mobile Applications Developer
Jester Communications
(2011 – 2012)| Bluffton, South Carolina, US

Worked on a team of developers. Primarily front-end theme development, custom PHP/JS solutions, and implementing website content. Other responsibilities included development tasks for web-enabled applications and iPad/Android applications. Worked with projects in all phases of design, development, and maintained deployed solutions.